Ginger, Vancouver, BC

“From the moment I first contacted Sandra I was met with professionalism, warmth and trust. Sandra was clear and honest in all her interactions. Her sessions were full of practical wisdom, which I could (and did) easily apply even after the first day of training. Sandra’s course was comprehensive but she was also able to tailor and produce material to meet my specific needs and interests. My practice session with Sandra was powerful. Her guidance was gentle and effective. Sandra has created a feeling of safety, awe and enthusiasm for me, as I begin my Reiki journey.”


Aliya, North Vancouver, BC

“My mum & I had a wonderful experience attending Sandra’s Reiki Level one workshop. We were impressed by Sandra’s thoroughness as well as hospitality. She provided us with detailed course materials which she covered at length in order to ensure our understanding.

Sandra is an intuitive instructor who tunes into her students’ learning styles to offer the best possible learning experience. We especially appreciated the fact that the workshop was split into two four hour days to give us some time for information to sink in and to practice what we had learned. Thank you so much Sandra for providing us with this invaluable ability to better heal ourselves and those around us!"


Karen, Vancouver, BC

“Over the course of a 2 month period I had approximately 8 sessions with the Acutonics(R) tuning forks. The setting was very similar to what you would find in a relaxation/spa-like environment. A warm, cozy, softly lit setting with soothing background music. Sandra has a very empathetic and compassionate disposition and made me feel extremely comfortable right from session 1. Her ability to listen without judgment made me feel relaxed even before I got to the table. She explained the process thoroughly beforehand, but I have to say that the words did not do the experience justice!
Being an Acupressure Therapist myself, I am used to the feelings associated with the quick release of tension that came about through the use of the tuning forks. The feeling was like a rush of warmth and tingling in the area being worked on which sometimes moved to other parts of my body. I carried a lot of tension in my upper back and shoulders which usually released after about 10 minutes into the session. The sessions occurred shortly after the death of my mother and Sandra also helped me work through a lot of emotional issues as well as my grief and sadness. I found that the sessions made a difficult period in my life more bearable. Some times when I came off the table, I felt so relaxed that I didn’t have a care in the world. In fact, I remember commenting to Sandra that I felt like Michael Jackson doing the moon walk. As I was leaving, I felt like I was gliding on air! I also remember experiencing more sensitivity within my body; colors seemed clearer, my nostrils and lungs felt wide open and my mind was always a lot calmer.
For those of you that have worked with Kundalini energy, that was more pronounced too. I experienced very deep sleep on the nights following my sessions and the “biggy” for me was the compliments I received from my husband saying how good my skin was and how rested I looked; which I’m sure was due to the facial work I received during my sessions.
I would highly recommend Sandra and the Acutonics(R) tuning forks. It’s an experience that everyone should try, at least once in a lifetime!”