Canadian Reiki Association


The Canadian Reiki Association (CRA) is the foremost Reiki organization in Canada, and the CRA recognizes that all styles of Reiki are equally valid and that no one style of Reiki is better or more authentic than another. If you are considering taking up Reiki or extending your Reiki skills and intend to be a Reiki practitioner that is recognized by the Canadian Reiki Association then please read the notes below.

Please Note

  • The following is intended as a guide only and you need to check the official requirements by clicking on the link below the CRA logo to the left.
  • All levels of membership for the Canadian Reiki Association as stated below require members to abide by the CRA Code of Ethics and the CRA Disciplinary Action Policy and sign the appropriate forms.
  • If you have previous Reiki training and certification and wish to join the CRA, then please read the specific requirements for joining the CRA at CRA Membership Criteria web page.

Reiki Student Member

To qualify as a Reiki Student Member with the Canadian Reiki Association you will be attuned to Reiki and have taken a Reiki Level I or Reiki First Degree class and have a Reiki Level I certificate.

Please see the course contents here for the Reiki Level I class

Registered Reiki Practitioner

To qualify as a Registered Reiki Practitioner with the Canadian Reiki Association you will already have obtained a Reiki Level I certificate and will have completed the required practicum. The practicum requires the member to practice for a minimum six months and also completing a minimum of twenty four hours practice time on others. Practice time at CRA Teacher hosted practices and CRA hosted Reiki exchanges count as two CEU points towards the required twenty four hours of practice time. You will need to complete the required practicum and CEU forms and submit them along with your application.

Please Note

  • The number of CEU's being used towards achieving the Registered Reiki Practitioner Membership level may not be greater than 50% of the required hours ie: if you require twenty four hours of practice time then the number of CEU's you will be allowed to use towards the twenty four hours will be no greater than twelve hours.
  • You must carry out Reiki practice sessions with at least three different clients when doing your practicum or case studies. You may not accumulate all of your hours doing sessions with the same person and you may not accumulate all of your hours with CEU's.


Registered Reiki Teacher

To qualify as a Registered Reiki Teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association, you will have studied and successfully completed the minimum teaching requirements for the style of Reiki studied, which will consist of three or four levels of training depending on your particular Reiki Lineage. This will not be less than three levels consisting of a minimum of twenty eight hours of training in total. You will have practiced Reiki for a minimum of twice a week for a minimum of one year from the date that you received certification as a Reiki Master/Teacher. You will follow the CRA Educational Guidelines and continually support the students by answering questions and be encouraged to host at least one student practice night per month for the purpose of issuing CEU's to student members.

Please Note

  • Registered Reiki Teacher applicants must submit to the CRA copies of their class outlines in theory and practical for review by the CRA Board. Class outlines must be approved prior to Registered Membership status being granted.
  • Registered Teacher applicants who are not CRA Registered Practitioners and are applying to be a CRA Registered Teacher 'only must also abide by the CRA Reiki Practitioner Criteria and supply the CRA with 30 volunteer client case histories along with all other requested forms.


The above is a summary only, and to obtain detailed and current information about becoming a member of the Canadian Reiki Association then please read the full description of the CRA Membership Requirements.