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An introduction to reflexology


Reflexology in VancouverReflexology is an ancient healing art known to many cultures around the world. It is said that the hands and feet are a microcosm of the human body. In theory, if one works the different areas of the feet or hands, one is affecting the corresponding body parts, organs and glands. The art of reflexology is a method designed to bring the body back to a state of balance in a natural way, through stimulation of foot reflex points.


Feet are very sensitive. Each foot has 7200 nerve endings with extensive connections to all parts of the body. Over time, pressure on the feet cause adjustments in the nervous system which can create an imbalance in the body. Stimulating the reflex points through the simple act of touch causes the entire body to respond. Using alternating amounts of pressure activates the body's innate healing ability. Problems tend to show up in the feet first, before manifesting in the body. Working the feet through reflexology is preventive healthcare.


Reflexology sessions are scheduled for 45/60 minutes at $60/$75 respectively.


Reflexology Workshop


In this semi-private class you will learn how to share the deeply relaxing and healing benefits of Foot Reflexology with friends and family. This workshop features a fully illustrated step-by-step manual; including the specific massage techniques and key acupressure balancing points to be used. The fully demonstrated routine is easily learned! Both participants will experience giving and receiving a full Reflexology Session (from each other) during this comprehensive workshop. Book this Reflexology Workshop with your best friend/partner /soul(sole?)mate.


The Reflexology workshop comprises a single four hour (afternoon) session at $100 per person.


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Reflexology Hand and Foot Interactive Models


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